Cum-on, Rego soon. You can pay it all right away or put down a $30 deposit to reserve your spot. You should make your deposit by 7/31/19 (and at least daily in the provided shitters).
Full Final Payment must be made by the day of arrival.
Pay at paypal: to Friends and Family from bank account or add 3% for credit card transactions.


Friday – Sunday (2 night camping) $90 pp
Saturday – Sunday (1 night camping) $70 pp
Tubing Only (not camping) $30 pp
$10 discount for new boots.
FYI: Cost breakdown: $20 pp/n camping, $20 pp tubing goes to Traders. Remaining $30 covers meals (including light breakfasts), snacks and beer Friday through Sunday in camp. No additional charge for Trapper and Just Rachel’s pool party on Sunday.
I know, it seems like a lot. We are trying to keep the costs as low as possible but at least get close to breaking even. It is still lower than Nummy’s bar bill.