July 19-21, 2024

In a massive fit of disorganization, plans have already been made for the 2024 Tubing Hash weekend.  Last year, we put on our post-inebriation sleep-deprived thinking caps to decide that — no we really don’t want to run in the morning before tubing.  We determined that drinking whilst navigating the river was in fact hashing, passive as it may seem.  Also, running around sand bars naked and stupid underscores that there can be a hash without trail.  For once, we are not going to try to squeeze in a run before the bus arrives at 11:30 am.

Location:  Trapper and TCH’s place — 5378 Reeve Rd.  Mazomanie, WI


Friday:  Camp set up after 5:00 pm.  Food will be provided at about 7:00 pm (not just pizza)

            Pool, hot tub, Karaoke, campfire shenanigans*


8:00-10:00 am:  Light breakfast/Coffee/Mimosa’s/Bloody Bar *

10:00 – 11:00 am:  Whatever we are doing we are not running. *

11:00 -11:30 am:  Tubing Bus arrives for loading.   We will leave NO LATER than 12:00, sooner if fully loaded.

12:30 pm:  Start of float.  Feel free to grab a drink at the Tiki Bar (not included — cash only), but please everyone help in the effort to get us moving!  Booze, beer, water, and snacks will be included along the way. Usually, the final landing is at about 5:30 pm. 

Notes on floating:  the river is a dangerous place. If you cannot swim, think twice about doing the float.  You are welcome to stay back at camp and whack off *, no judgement.  

I know it is asking a lot, but we will use the buddy system. You don’t even have to like your buddy, but they better not be missing or dead at the end. 

Everyone floating is expected to help navigate. This is not a leisurely executive float staffed by your hare subordinates.  At times, there will be a need to get off your ass to help push the group away from some very, very bad potential outcomes.  The end of the float, when we are all at our drunkest and weakest, is when we will have to kick like hell to make shore.  Otherwise, see you in Muscoda.  Let’s stick the landing better than most drunk people.  Be warned (and I don’t say this often) — you need to have some clothes on at the end.  It is a public beach with dumb kids everywhere. Parents can get pissy about exposed genitalia.

6:00 pm:  Estimated bus return to Mazo

6:30 pm:  Catered — Qdoba.  Don’t get hangry if we don’t eat at exactly that time! *

7:30 pm:  Ceremonies *

8:30 pm:  Pool party as well as many of the same activities that left us feeling like shit the night before OR bedtime. *  


8:00 – 10:00:  Light breakfast/Coffee/Mimosa’s/Bloody Bar *

10:00 – 5:00 pm:  Hash Hangover Pool Party (includes Lunch at 12:30, snacks, beverages) *.

*Be warned, these activities are clothing optional (and most don’t choose the clothes option).  Absolutely no photos without consent!   Nudity in and of itself is not consent for ANYTHING.  This should and will be a safe environment, be respectful.  What happens at Trapper’s, stays at Trapper’s.

The river is not clothing optional, although you would never know it judging by the Hash.  You can get a citation if you are not careful.

TOTAL EVENT COST (Fri-Sat):  EARLY $85 (6/1/24 – 7/14/24) / LATE $90 (after 7/14/24)

Includes bus shuttle/tube for float, food, drinks, camping, sunburn, and poison ivy rash.  (cost only, NO profit) 

If the shuttle bus is FULL (over 30 Rego’d), you can still float but must provide your own sober transportation (Subtract $15 from event cost).  Traders charges $25 for the float portion whether or not you use a rented tube.

FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY (NO FLOAT): $10, food included.

paypal@TrapperP or venmo @dtrotterwrx

SUNDAY ONLY:  Complimentary. 

Bus/float holds 30 people, so register early. 

Rego starting 6/1/24 by sending Payment to:


Events are weather dependent.  If the float is cancelled by Traders due to conditions, there will be a refund for the cost of the bus and float ($40).   

We could use help.  If you want to help in any way … planning, event set up or work during the event, please reach out to me directly at dtrotterwrx@gmail.com

Trapper and Tight Cunt Ho, your friendly hares