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Option 2: via snail mail – Contact Trapper Pussy


Party Bus transportation you will likely dismember!

Poorly marked hash run with plenty of shiggy, mosquitos and deer flies! and Poison Ivy!

Super deluxe, ribbed for pleasure floating rubber device!

Beer, wine and assorted spirits for the bus, hash, float and on-in!

Complementary poison ivy exposure… send inquires to Fedora!
On-in festivities!

Rudimentary ceremonies with naked people!

Pole injuries!

Overnight camping!

Maybe a pool!


The price is the same for all who participate in the float, whether or not you ride the bus or rent a tube. If you bandit the float with a canoe or kayak we might share our beer for a price!

If you miss the bus, which leaves at exactly noon, you will be tubing up shit creek instead of the beautiful and scenic Wisconsin River. If there is lightening, we will all float shit creek together. 

No fucking glass! It’s not allowed on the bus or in the river.

The bus holds 47. Don’t wait!